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A Sovereign 'Anarcho' Community Trust


Transient Creative People & Performers


Universal Community Trust (UCT)

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The Troubadour Community Trust uses the Universal Celestial Calendar (UCC)


Creative Associates Universal Community Trust


Background, Aims & Origins of the Trust

Recorded on 6th FOUR-Cancer♋ 13515 UCC

Big thanks to Ben Aur of the Dr. Rock Radio Show for this audio excerpt of our chat on 6/4/13515 UCC (27/6/2013 Gregorian)



A Bit About The UCT

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To know more about the UCT you can visit the UCT page


view a slide presentation "The UCT - An Introduction"


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A Song For The UCT

Freeman - UCT

© Project Freeman Music 13513 (2012 Gregorian)


Live - For The UCT - Version

Freeman - UCT (Live at UCT Gathering - 13514 UCC)


(For lyrics and more visit the UCT Song Page)



The UCT Treaty & M.O.U With HM Gov


And Now, The Troubadour Community Trust Explained


A transient community of travelling creative people & performers...

musicians & minstrels, poets & bards, painters & drawers, DJ's & mixers, jugglers & acrobats

Are you such an artist, living on the road?

If so you might be interested in the TCT

  The TCT was founded by me (Litmus - the 'Grantor') and formed along with two other founding Troubadour Trustees

I am also a founding trustee of the UCT (Universal Community Trust)

and live on the road in my van

Libby Land

What Does The TCT Do?

TCT offers FREE (of course!) creative stimulus to interested communities through performance and/or demonstrations/workshops of music & art  in return for:

Van Space, i.e. somewhere to park the home for the night

"Sweet hook ups" for the Troubadour(s) in question's mobile home(s) (e.g. electricity, water, internet etc)

Nourishment (preferably in the form of home cooked or raw food and tasty beverages)

Fuel, for the onward conveyance of the troubadours truck to the next expectant venue!

(Voluntary charitable donations in the form of promissory notes may also be accepted)


Work Rest & Play

In line with the aims of the Universal Celestial Calendar "work" (performances) will only be suggested to take place on a maximum of 3 days in every 10 ;-)


Trustees & Beneficiaries

If you would like to become a beneficiary (or maybe even a trustee) of the TCT by joining our band of troubadours or would just like a bit more info please email me at this address:

litmus at troubadourcommunitytrust dot com


And finally...


"The Troubadour's Song"

"Desserto Sulla Terra"

(Abandoned On The Earth)

(Thanks to 'Doc' for suggesting this tune)


Peace Love and Freedom


Litmus A Freeman